Customer Reviews

From the many weddings held at the Jepson Alumni Executive Center and from the numerous overnight guests who have stayed at the Kalnen Inn here ~ including alumni, guests of the University, brides and grooms, parents of bridal couples, parents of current students, and others ~ here are the comments from our guest book.

“We had an utterly fantastic time! The staff and facilities are great. We could not have been happier!!” (Sarah Gordon-Colin Shura wedding)

“We had such a lovely visit, what a beautiful and hospitable place!” (Srygley-Knutti wedding)

“Wonderful stay with the most gracious hosts!” Guest Anonymous

“Wonderful Great Lives evening – and such a comfortable stay at the Inn.” –- Kate Buford

“As usual, this is THE place to stay. The hospitality is delightful!” -–The Woodcocks

“Champagne, music, and prep for the wedding—like My Big Fat Greek Wedding” all over again!” –bride Bethany O’Connor & Girls

“This is Southern hospitality to the ‘nth’ degree! Thank you to the staff who make this such a very special place!”—-Sylvia Woodcock

“Thank you for making Kimberly and Ben’s wedding amazing!” –(no sig.-Burgoyne wedding guest)

“Thank you for making my wedding such an amazing day! Everything was perfect!!” -– Kimberly and Benjamin Burgoyne

“What a wonderful place to prepare for Caroline and Eric’s wedding!! -– Caroline’s Bridesmaids

“Thank you for the gracious hospitality!” Guest Anonymous

“Thank you for making our wedding so special! We appreciate the hospitality and really enjoyed our stay. Everything was PERFECT! “—Lara & Reilly Bradshaw

“The [wedding] reception was perfect! Thank you for everything!” – C. & G. Beltran

“Thank you for making our wedding day PERFECT! Your attention to detail and the effortless way you pull everything together is exquisite. We had a wonderful time and the best wedding in the history of the planet! Thanks again. All our unending gratitude for helping us with a wonderful wedding reception and creating an unforgettable evening. Much love – Mr. and Mrs. S. Sebring (Yay!)

“A perfect place for elegance. Thank you for all your attention to details.” – CBH, Orwell, Vermont

“Not only are the facilities ‘the best’, all of your staff are top notch. We have enjoyed our stay and will remember it for a long time. Thank you very much,” – E. and E. Norfleet

“A beautiful place to stay and exceptional hospitality. Thank you for a wonderful stay.” – J. Sienko

“There are not enough ‘thank you’s’ for everything you did for Ellen and Patrick’s wedding day. The Inn was an amazing place for an amazing day.” –D. Prince

“Thank you so much for all of the hard work you put in to make our wedding special. Everything was perfect and better than we could ever have imagined. Thank you!! – E. & E. Omohundro

“We cannot thank you enough for all you did for us during our wedding. We couldn’t’t have asked for a more perfect day in a more beautiful location. All of your support meant so much. With many thanks – H. & B. Yoon

“It is always a privilege and thrill to stay at the Inn. Thank you for the graciousness and excellent service. – C. Hawlin ‘68

“Thank you so much for taking time to indulge my memories – the house [Kalnen Inn] is more beautiful than ever.” – K. Springer ‘81

“Our experience at MWC was amazing – and now we have been married here. Truly an amazing wedding. Top notch. Thank you!” – M. & B. Roinstad, ‘2000 & ‘2002

“Superbly appointed rooms and lovely, lovely hosts. Thank you!” – C. Scolnick

“Wonderful visit. Truly elegant and gracious facility.” – J. Schwartz

“Such an amazing place to stay and a beautiful place for our wedding reception. You all were a joy to work with!!” – S. & B. Barriteau

“Having our daughter’s wedding here was a wonderful and memorable experience. The Inn is beautiful, and we leave with great memories and a son-in-law! Thank you all for everything!” – P. & P. Bodnar

“A wonderful springboard to a magnificent reunion. Thank you for the wonderful service and congenial staff.” – A. Reinhold

“A wonderful time, a great addition to UMW. Thank you for the memories.” – D. Wolf, ‘84

“Thank you so much for the wonderful wedding; it was fabulous! The staff is great!” – K. & M Dwyer

“What a lovely place! Everyone has been delightful and the accommodations are perfect! Thank you so much! – S. & L Neave

“A beautiful setting for our Daffodil Show [in the Rappahannock Grand Ballroom]! Thanks for your beautiful room for me to rest my weary bones!” – J. Moorman

“Many thanks! Lovely rooms!” – Judge Reinhold [actor and UMW alum], Los Angeles, CA

“How can you improve on perfection. Gratefully with love” — Regina Reinhold

“Sincere gratitude for your wonderful hospitality.” – J. Robertson

“Again, a great stay. A wonderful place and excellent hospitality.” – J. Black

“Splendid! Wonderfully helpful!”

“Thank you for a brilliant and beautiful stay!” – N. Mazibuko

“Thank you for making my dream come true! My wedding [at the Jepson Alumni Executive Center] was perfect and my stay the night before was great! Your staff is the best!” – A. Shoemake

“Thank you so much. This is so beautiful!” – M. Wagner

“Way above expectations – had a wonderful, relaxing stay. Everything was perfect; this was a great place to relax after the wedding.” – E. & C. Crawford

“This was the perfect place to relax after our wedding – thank you!” – C. Thompson & D. Mellor

“ Mr. & Mrs. B. Reidenbach had an absolutely wonderful stay. From the wedding in the ballroom to our stay [in the Inn] everything was perfect. Thanks for everything.” B. & K. Reidenbach

“We were very pleased with the wedding and stay at the Inn for our son and new daughter-in-law.” G. & A. Stetler

“One night of rest here felt like a whole weekend away. What a wonderful night.” – G. P.

“Wonderful place, extremely nice people.” – The Litvaks

“We appreciate your hospitality in this beautiful place.” – S. & D. Gladis

“Thank you for making our wedding so memorable!” – W. & J. Riley

“Stunning!!” – C. & M. Tinker

“Lovely weekend in the luxurious Kalnen Inn,” – L. Shull, ‘69

“What a beautiful place! Comfortable bed! Class of ’81 rocks! Woo Hoo!” –
L. Richardson, ‘81

“Back from Austria; appreciate staying here again!” – R.H.F.

“Fantasyland for K. & me during memorable three days at the Kalnen Inn. Staff, facility and weather in complete accord. I return to California on a cloud!” — V. Drury, ‘47

“Fantastic bed-and breakfast! Everything was perfect. (P.S. Great coffee and tea!)” – C. Lendrum

“What a beautiful way to charm visitors and show them the beauty of Mary Washington! Thank you for a wonderful stay.”

“An evening with University of Mary Washington friends and lodging at the Kalnen Inn – a fabulous experience. Many, many thanks, S., ’75, & H. Tiffany

“Spectacular! Finest accommodations, cuisine and gorgeous colors and furnishings. Staying overnight was a great pleasure.” – [Alumna] ‘51

“Thanks for a delightful stay – attractive place, hospitable people.”

“This was such an exceptional place to have my daughter’s ‘last-night-before-her-wedding. It just couldn’t’t be nicer.” – C. Strong

“Enjoyed our stay!” — T. Pohanka

“A dream come true.” –S. & .D Mayo

“What a beautiful facility for a great university!” — B.& A. Jepson

“The Chappell Suite could not be more beautiful nor I more proud to see my family’s name on it.” — J. C. Paradis

“Beautiful facility, lovely evening!” — D. & C. Grow

“Splendid!” — C. Clinton

“In a nutshell, this is a wonderful place for rest and remembering.” — B. Hughes

“I loved staying here for BOV and Alumni Board Meetings weekend. A great facility all around.” — N. Sauder, Board of Visitors

”Excellent!” – J. Black (UK)

“A wonderful (and delicious) evening.” [Fredericksburg Forum dinner and event]– P. Dresser

“Mary Washington continues a tradition of being very good to m
e – what a special dinner, performance and overnight.” — Leslie Huff

“Always a pleasure to visit Mary Washington – now made even more hospitable by this splendid suite!” – J. Kukla

“It has been such a pleasure to be guests at this beautiful place!” – B. & C. Foster

“Thank you for this wonderful experience.” – D. Ross

“What a lovely, elegant setting, The use of the past college photographs adds a unique quality and a warm welcome to returning alumni and guests. Just wonderful!” — anonymous

“It was elegant, comfortable and we enjoyed it thoroughly!” – J.& P. Reeve ‘63

“You made our wedding so special. Thank you for everything.” C. & B.

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It was a magical night – everyone at the JAEC helped make our dream wedding come true!… — Amy W., ‘95 & K. Race

“Thanks for everything. The wedding was perfect and the venue was delightful.” — E. & C. Crocker (Bend, OR)

“Reunion Weekend! Waa Hoo! What an awesome facility! We totally loved it! Thank you!” — L. Richardson ‘81

“Thanks to all the generous people for making this a wonderful and beautiful place.” – S. & J. Castle, 50th Reunion

“Thank you for a wonderful 25th reunion!” — J. B. Gilbert ‘80

“This place is amazing. I am so proud of Mary Washington! Thank you”…. – M. ‘04

“I’m so glad that I can look forward to the use of this when I am an alumnus! I am even more excited for the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith!” – B. Maguire ‘06

“Thank you for making my daughter’s wedding accommodations so wonderful. This is a
first-class facility and the best “second home” a mother of the bride could have.” – D. Hall

“Thank you for making us feel at home! We had the best wedding ever! We will be back!” – C. Smith

“A great ending to our life here at Mary Washington.” – L. Smith

“A beautiful place to enjoy peace and quiet and to remember the wonderful experiences of my four years at MWC. I had a good time then (1937) and a wonderful time now.” – Becky Kalnen (Wilmington, NC)

“How proud I am of our family name to be a small part of an excellent university and this beautiful facility.” – L. Kalnen Huffman (Wilmington, NC)

“The peace, beauty and serenity here are beyond measure. I am very thankful to Becky Kalnen, who invited me to see this beautiful place and to meet your dedicated staff.” — M. Kanz (Wilmington, NC)

“What a joy of delight! Being with Becky [Kalnen] at the Inn! A memory I’ll treasure forever! She is a wonderful lady and to see what she has done for MWC is a glow in her eye and a spark in her heart. (The bed felt great!)” – [anon] Palm Harbor, FL)

“Our wedding night will always be remembered thanks to your staff and this beautiful house. Thanks!” – M. & K. Mesterhazy ‘91

“Our stay here was absolutely wonderful! My sister made sure her wedding would be remembered with pleasure by having it here.” – S. Crawford (Brewton, AL)

“Perfect setting for my sister’s wedding! The rooms are quite comfortable. Your concierge was very helpful in insuring our stay was perfect.” – E. Parker (Pensicola, FL)

“My stay here has been wonderful. Memories of dorm life and my plantation visits. “—I. Piscapo ‘59

“Our stay here was great. The place is beautiful, restful and peaceful. The staff was very helpful.” — The Meades (Cincinnati, OH)

“A delightful experience! Staying here is one of the highlights of returning to my Alma Mater.” –D. Rose (Kilmarnock, VA)

“Jake and I enjoyed the ‘royal treatment.’ Thanks for taking special care of us.” – R. Stone

“An excellent stay in a first-rate facility that deserves every success.” – [name not legible]

“Beautiful place! We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to visit again.!” – B. ‘95 & C. Kelly ‘96

“What a wonderful Inn! Beautiful room, great hospitality,” — J. & R. Hofer

“What a beautiful, hospitable facility – a real five-star inn.” – [name not legible]

“Just like home, but quieter! Wonderful hospitality. Thank you.” – L. Bragg

“I really enjoyed my stay. The service and hospitality were superb. Thanks.” – F. Thompson, Board of Visitors

“I lived in Trench Hill [1959-1961] and this treat is delicious closure, Thanks you for all.” – M. Wilkins ‘62

“We had a wonderful weekend. Lovely accommodations and friendly service. See you next year!” – W. and C. (Hill) carrier, ’95.

“Good times, good friends, good memories! Looking forward to next year!” – R.Stribling, ’95, and S. Slawinski, ’95

“David and I very much enjoyed the elegant hospitality. This is a wonderful facility.” – R. Palm

“What a delight to stay in this special place, Thank you so much for the hospitality and lovely facilities!” — K. Gould and R. Simon

“Thank you for a delightful stay…attractive place, hospitable people.” E.

“Thank you – Thank you, beautiful place” – M. Douglas

“Thank you for all the wonderful accomodations you provided for our wedding, everthing was impeccable.” – Mr.&Mrs. Taylor Jr.

“Thank you for the lovely stay, everything was perfect!” – L. Soltis, ’74

“Thank you all so much for a wonderful stay and a wedding day more perfect than we could have imagined!” – R. Garner, ’02

“Our wedding was PERFECT…exactly what we were hoping for. As always…Mary Washington made us very happy!” – T. Arandt, ’02 and R. Shabman, 02′

“We had a fantastic time here! Our wedding was amazing and everyone was so helpful and nice. We love it here!” – K and J Hlywa, ’00

“We had a wonderful time. Memories of a lifetime were made here. Thank you!” – L. and R. Minter

“Thank you for such wonderful southern hospitality. The autumn splendour outside was breath taking and the warm welcome inside made our visit the best!” – K. Boulder and R. Larson

“Thank you for making our wedding extra special. We loved every minute!” – G. and S. Stott

“You couldn’t have made us more comfortable – especially at an emotional time in our lives.” – B. and B. Stone

“Thank you for your hospitality and for the beautiful reception yesterday. Breakfast was yummy!” – M. and K. Smoot

“Thank you for the amazing hospitality! we had a great time!” – C. and A. Fitch

“Thank you so much for everything! Our wedding and stay here was so great.” – T. and L. Dickerson

“Thank you for everything that was done to make our day special.” – D. Web and L. Webster

“What a special wedding weekend we had here at the Jepson Center and Inn! Thank you for such a memorable time.” – A. and J. Barrett

‘Thank you for the most amazing wedding weekend! You are the best and we will never forget this dream come true!” – L. and R. Light

“Thanks for making our wedding into a fabulous event.” – M. and G. Stone

“More than beautiful, and so very charming and welcoming.” – K.D.

“We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day from start to finish! Thank you for allowing us to have the most amazing wedding!” – J. and K. Wills

ot;You treated us like a King and Queen, and we loved it! Thank you so much.” – A. and L. Backstrom

“Thank you for an amazing wedding event and relaxing accomodations!” – L. and J. King

“What an amazing night. Thank you so much for everything. It was all beautiful.” – S. and D. Colson





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